Pierre Francois Lehoux

A former student of Gros and Vernet, Lehoux joined Jean-­‐Francois Champillion’s expedition to Egypt, where he lived for two years. There is evidence that he travelled to Syria with Alexandre de Laborde in January 1827, and ten years later reports from Count de Berton in Syria confirm Lehoux’s presence once more in the Orient. His numerous submissions of Middle Eastern scenes to the Salon enhanced his reputation as an Orientalist artist.

Lehoux submitted regularly to the Paris Salon from 1831 onwards, aside from scenes of the French countryside (notably St Germain-­‐en-­‐Laye), common themes of his included views of the Lebanon, and picturesque Egyptian street encounters. His paintings can be found in the museums of Amiens, Reims, Nantes and Narbonne.